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Who the Hell is Preston Ely and Why does Preston Ely Have so many Products?

Let me start off by saying that if you have not heard of Preston Ely, You are probably New to Real Estate Investing.

Preston Ely is the effin King of Wholesaling.

Preston Ely is a guy who has made it to the top of the mountian and has made millions and millions of dollars in real estate investing. I am proud to say that preston ely is one of my mentors. I am climbing my way to the top.

Do you have what it takes to make it to the top?

This life we live is 95% mental. Problems we face are further edged on by worrying about them rather than use our brain to think of a way to get out of them.

The music we listen to and the movies we watch also affect the way we think. If your constantly listening to a music about robbing people and stealing to solve your problems, what do you think will cross your mind once and a while?

You need to be putting positive people into your life and into your minde.

If you know of Preston Ely, then you should know about all of preston elys products. If you do not know about preston ely and his products I am going to explain them and give you a list here. Lets first talk about his red pill product. Its all about training your mind and body in order to become more successful. Right now if you want to be successul in life, you need to train your brain.

The red pill has around 20 videos about a few things like how you need to build a stronger mind with stronger positive thinking, eat healthy (not Boston Market) and getting closer to God.


On my road to success, I’ve come upon many obstacles. Times where I know many would have given up. Where many would have began getting together a resume and started looking for a spot in the rat race.

Yea I was skeptical about Preston too at first but it wasn’t him that I researched. It was what he was selling. The idea. FLIPPING HOUSES. I found out that around 80% of home buyers today, are investors paying cash money.

Their buying these homes and renting thembut when the market get good again, they’ll sell to FHA buyers and the late bloomers who were scared to invest in the market during the best time EVER.

Flipping houses is hard if you don’t have what it takes. You have to understand that this game is for the most part, MENTAL. Thats were education and a solid positive attitude comes in play.

Lets now talk about the education part. I recommend all of my readers, start learning about Preston Ely and his products.

Preston Ely’s products include

Flip Your way to Financial Freedom ( Click Below for a Special $1 link, yes get his ebook for $1)

>>>>> <<<<<<

This eBook changed my life. Before I found preston ely, i read tons of ebooks and went through every course out there. there is no better course right now for $1. Except my course 🙂

The Reo Rock Star by Preston Ely and Lee Kearnery

>>>>>> <<<<<<<<

If you have ever thought about investing and flipping REO’s you need this. They will show you how to flip REO’s with NO Money. I went through the course and we have started flipping reos.

Preston Elys Product -Deeds from the Dead (aka Probates by Preston)

>>>>>>> <<<<<<

This is one of my favorite preston ely products. We have bought and sold several houses because of this course alone. I highly recommend you watch the video and learn how you can benefit from this untapped market.

The Holy Grail of Real Estate Investing Products

Preston Elys #1 product -FreedomSoft ($37 special running right now, get it before it closes)

>>>>>>> <<<<<<<<

What can I say about preston elys product FreedomSoft? Well its the best product hands down that I have ever seen. Its a real estate software that automates so much of the real estate investing process. I my real estate business I make atleast 10 offers a week. With freedomsoft I can easily make and offer in less than 10 minutes. If you do not have FreedomSoft you are at a disadvantage.

Preston Ely has around 5 other products that I will tough on in another blog post. for now check out the links above and learn about preston ely and his amazing products.

To Your Success,

Christopher Seder

Preston Elys REO Rock Star Home Study Course Review

REO Rock Star Review


In case you hadn’t heard, Preston Ely and Lee Kearney have rolled out their REO Rock Star training..

I don’t pimp too many products on my blog- only those that are being sold by people I know and respect, or those that I have purchased myself and give my stamp of approval to.

I get emails all the time asking for recommendations on courses that teach how to wholesale REOs, and up until now, I haven’t been able to find any that I would feel comfortable recommending.

I’ll just be blunt here and say that if you are interested in learning how to wholesale REOs, you would be crazy not to sign up for the REO Rock Star Course.

That’s the honest truth. I don’t know of another wholesaler in Tampa (or anywhere for that matter), who is wholesaling more REOs than Lee Kearney is. I have been to events where Lee Kearney and Preston Ely Both Spoke about the REO Rock Star and Yes, I purchased the Reo Rock Star Home Study Course.

I met Lee Kearney and Preston ELy when I was first trying to find my niche, It was at the Very First Freedomsoft even and Preston ELy has been somewhat of a mentor to me since then. He’s the first person I call when I have questions about a deal…. the first person I call when I can’t find a buyer for one of my deals…..the first person I call when I think I might have offered too much on a house and now the bank has countered me back and I’m not sure what to do. Preston Ely is the guy I go to.

I’ve talked with Preston Ely at length about the reo rock star course and have wrote several reo rock star reviews, and I am telling you, if you want to be walked through the process of wholesaling REOs from beginning to end, then you absolutely need to get in on this training.

There’s a lot of crap being peddled out there on the internet, but the reo rock star home study course is the real deal. I don’t know of anyone who is doing more business wholesaling REOs right now in this market. You could not pick a better person to learn from.

I have provided a link to a video that will answer questions and give you a little more insight into what he is going to be offering in this course. He’s shutting the admissions down at midnight tonight (sorry for the late notice), so if you’re interested, make sure you get in by then.

REO Rockstar


If you can’t swing the reo rock star homestudy course, you can get the REO Rockstar ebook. It’s only $47!

P.P.S I have Provided some questions and Answers for You.

Q. Can an absolute newbie do this strategy?
A. This is the perfect strategy for the newbie because it is so simple, and it doesn’t require cash for marketing, a good credit score, or any special experience to get started. Get started now! »
Q. How quickly can I start making money with the REO Rockstar program? I need money NOW.
The second you get into REO Rockstar, you’ll finally have everything you need to make real money real fast. The reality is that each user brings a unique level of determination, time commitment, and willingness to follow step-by-step instructions. The REO Rockstar program won’t print money for you.. but if you follow the program exactly, dedicate yourself, & work hard, you will be extremely satisfied with the results. Get started now! »
Q. I have a full-time job. Can I make money with the REO Rockstar program in my spare time?
A. Yes. Many REO Rockstar members start during their evening & weekend hours, until their REO investing income is able to replace or significantly supplement their employment income. Get started now! »
Q. Do I need to be a real estate agent to do this?
A. You absolutely do not need to be an agent; use an agent; or even be licensed to follow this strategy. Get started now! »
Q. Isn’t this a bad time for real estate because of the economy?
A. For REO Rockstar members, a so-called “bad” economy creates our opportunity! To us, the economy is amazing. Really. You may not believe it yet, but you will soon enough. Stop watching the news and start getting money. Your family & your future depend on it, and the REO Rockstar program makes it possible. Get started now! »
Q. I’ve been burned by “make money in real estate” stuff before. How is REO Rockstar any different?
A. Other systems give you small pieces of the pie. The REO Rockstar program takes the pie, bakes it for you, slices it into 8 delicious pieces, then spoon feeds you those pieces until you’re fat & happy. From moment one, the REO Rockstar program gives you the tools, the A-to-Z resources, the support, and the personal mentoring you need to make real money as-fast-as-humanly-possible. No more, no less. Get started now! »
Q. I am ready to move forward, but I’m not sure what to do first and how to get started.
A. Just follow the steps in the program. We break this business down into easy-to-follow steps that ANYONE can do! You have nothing to lose, and your freedom to gain. I’m ready to get started now!


P.P.P.S. Ok Last Ps I promise, If you buy the REO Rock Star Through the Link I have provided or the banner. I will give you a Special Bonus.

You will receive my complete REal Estate Flipping Secrets home study course a $700 +++ value. for FREE All you have to do is Email, and include the email you used to purchase the REO Rock Star Home Stufd Course
and order number or forward your receipt.

Special Bonus Yours FREE

Yours FREE When You Buy through the Link Below

REO Rockstar

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Get Robert Allens Multiple Streams of Income Book Below on Amazon

Is Robert Allen’s Multiple Streams of Income a Scam?

If you have been in the real estate investing business for any time you have probably purchases one of Robert Allens products. My father personally has tons of Roberts Books and tapes.

Robert Allen has been selling information products since the 1980’s and he has updated his material. Some of his books from the 80’s might be out of date but his new material is spot on.

Robert Allen is one of the most well known real estate mentors in the country. Right now his books , Multiple Streams of Income and Multiple Streams of Internet Income are teaching thousands of people how to make more money. These books include many techniques used to make money through real estate ventures and online work.

What sets Robert. Allen and his multiple streams of income apart from other income making mentors?

Mr. Robert G. Allen has been a featured guest on Larry King Live, and Good Morning America. Many of those who have followed the strategies taught in his book, Multiple Streams of Income have gone on to make money fast through real estate or online work. In addition to those who have learned through his books and CDs, he has personally taught these techniques to over 150,000 people around the country at seminars.

Robert Allen sets himself apart from his competition by really believing in his products and strategies, and their ability to help people make their lives better. He often expresses that the most important thing that one needs is multiple streams of income because a job is only temporary and one can never really know when they may be out of work.

Furthermore, it is of the upmost importance to have these streams of income today because of the state the global economy is in right now. Competition around the globe has changed a great deal from how it was in the 1970s, 80s, 90s and even just five years ago. More and more of the population is seeking new ways to make money.

Do the strategies featured in the book Multiple Streams of Income actually work?

I believe that the book, and its principles, make it possible for one to make money through real estate or online. There are many positive testimonials out there that lead one to believe the program is both legit and successful. The book is divided into four sections labeled “Money Mountains”.

1) Residential Real Estate

2) Stock Market Game

3) Internet

4) Marketing

Each section is extremely interesting, especially the Internet Money Mountain section which gives insight into how one can earn money online. This section is perfect for those who are looking for an opportunity to make money from home.

I am personally a real estate investor and internet marketer. I will say that everything in his book works but you have to get off your but and make it happen. This is not a get rich quick scheme or anything. Its going to take some time to learn everything and you will start making money as soon as you apply the strategies and make it happen.

Products that I Highly Recommend and that are Better than Multiple Streams of Income

Real Estate Investing

Learn to Wholesale by Preston Ely
Click Here for the Site

Real Estate Flipping Secrets -My ebook/course

FreedomSoft – The #1 reason for my success in real estate

This is a few videos I made to review freedomsoft. No opt in required.

Internet Marketing

Ryan Deis’s The New Traffic Source
Click Here!


SEnukeX SEO Software

Push Button Cash Site
Click Here!

Remember these are products that Have worked for me in the past, and they are not get rich quick sites or programs. There is no true get rich quick program available, everything is going to take education and work. Best of luck to you.

Instant Cash Infusion Review

The Instant Cash Infusion program has several different ways that you can make quick money. Every real estate investor needs to have the ability to make quick cash. Most investors think that wholesaling is the only way to make quick cash but the Instant Cash Infusion is going to introduce you to methods such as equity option assignments.

As you go through an Instant Cash Infusion review, you will realize that the information in this program is actually quite simple. Although it is easy to see how it all works after learning all the lessons from Josh Cantwell, you can’t really know what you are doing without the help of this program. The concept that Josh Teaches is simple, but if you have been struggling to get started you need a coach, someone to hold your hand.


With equity option assignments, which is pretty easy? You just find a house with some equity in it. Put that house under an option contract and then assign your option. An example would be if you found a home that was worth $150,000, but you were able to set up the contract for $100,000. It shouldn’t be too hard to find a buyer for that home at $115,000.

You make some money, and the end buyer is getting a discounted house. Right now there are thousands of Buyers out there looking for deals on houses.

There are also millions of sellers looking to get rid of houses they can no longer afford.

The seller is able to get rid of the home they are stuck with, and you solve their real estate dilemma without ever putting up any your own money. Are you started to see how simple the instant cash infusion method is?

Josh has even found a way for you to make quick cash on short sale deals. I personally have been reading up on this and cannot wait to learn more. Never in my wildest dreams could I have thought of his Short sale Option assignment system. I hope you are started to get as excited as I am for this amazing system.

The Instant Cash Infusion program will help you navigate which strategy is best for every situation. There are many questions you will have if you go out into the real estate business without doing your homework first.

Where is the best place to find deals/ houses?

How do I determine what a good deal is?

Where are all the buyers?

I know you probably have questions like these because I have them too, and Josh Cantwell has been covering them in his free videos. I know from experience that trying to figure out a new real estate investing method without a proven system is just crazy. Would you explore the Sahara without a map or guide? I think not. The instant cash infusion review is the only place where you can get answers for all of your questions. Learn the secrets most will never know about this amazing program.

For a full Review of the Instant Cash Infusion go to

Official Product Link

Freedomsoft reloaded reviews

Freedomsoft Reloaded is truly a “Miracle Money Making Machine” for any serious real estate investor. Business automation is such an important part of growing and operating a successful company. It’s not something that most entrepreneurs think about. They usually spend a lot of time in their business doing busy work that should pass along to someone else. However, they often don’t have the systems in place to make that possible. That isn’t the case for real estate entrepreneurs.

There is several online business management, CRM, database solutions to choose from, however Freedomsoft is the easiest to learn how to use and it offers more features than the others too. There is no software that can even compete with freedomsoft. The software makes it easy to streamline your business so you’re more organized, can focus more on closing more deals rather than shuffling papers, and have the information you need to close deals at your fingertips anywhere you have an internet connection.

If you’re looking for proof that this system works, take a look at the 2,600 investors who purchased membership during the original launch. The need for business systems and technology to back them up resonated with them and everyone else that sought information about Freedomsoft then and now. I was just getting started when Freedomsoft came along and I jumped on board with the other 2,600 people. We wanted to scale our business and realized we couldn’t do it by ourselves, and no other system had the answer were were looking for.

The current users are using Freedomsoft to help them run their businesses in all 50 states and 13 countries now. But, as good as the platform was before they have managed to make it better, faster, and more useful. According to Andy Proper, the brains behind the development of the software, the system is faster now and they’ve listened to the feedback from the current users to improve and upgrade the software.

They got feedback from people in different markets who are working on many different types of deals. That in addition to the initial response they received from the survey they ran last year have helped everyone at Real Freedom Properties, Inc make Freedomsoft the industry standard when it comes to real estate software.

They’ve improved the features that were already present in the software and added some new components. Initially, users could only create buyer and seller opt-in pages. This time around all users will have additional choices to pick from to create pre-designed opt-in pages. They can create private lender, landlord, loan modification and short sale pages using 45 new website design templates and their super easy to use website editor.

Users can also create forms on other websites from code they get from Freedomsoft; the information from the lead will still be deposited into their database. They can create direct mail campaigns cheaper, quicker, and more seamlessly with the done-for-you direct mail. You can schedule one mailing or a monthly DRIP campaign and have it fulfilled and mailed automatically. Freedomsoft even provides 6 or 7 different lists the investor/user can choose from, such as absentee owners and notice of default.

The contract builder was the most popular part of Freedomsoft with the initial members, but it’s now possible to create contract packages in the system. All of the information in your contracts is auto-filled from your lead information. You can create cover letters and assemble short sale packages, as well as email or fax the contracts from within the system.

If you don’t think Freedomsoft is a “Miracle Money Making Machine” good luck finding something that is as comprehensive, well built, has as much support, and is backed by people who are better at marketing, buying and selling real estate… because it doesn’t exist.

If you would like to view a Full Demo of the Software I have made 2 short videos showing the ins and outs of the software.

Click here For Your Freedomsoft Demo


Real Estate Flipping Secrets Review

Learn the Secrets Most People Will Never Know About Real Estate Investing

Do you want to learn how to make $5,000, $10,000 or more every month Real Estate Flipping Secrets is the Course for you.   This is a step by step course that will walk you through the process from finding Real estate deals, to evaluating deals, to wholesaling or rehabbing the houses.

Right now wholesaling real estate is one of the best options out there.  With not a lot of homeowners being able to qualify for loans its hard to fix up and re-sell a property.  But there are thousands of land lords out there looking for cheap houses they can use as rentals.

Real Estate Flipping Secrets will show you how to find the best wholesale deals and how to flip these deals to other investors quickly.

You will learn how to fund your real estate deals,  Market on the internet and much more.


  • Real Estate Income Secrets
  • Classified Ad Riches
  • How to Create Your Own $20 Web Site Video Series
  • a 60 day action plan
  • Profit from Probates
  • and tons of contracts

I believe that Real Estate Flipping Secrets is one of the best courses for beginners on the market today.   And the Most reasonably Priced.     You get so much information for what the course costs its crazy.

With this course you also get a 60 Day IRON Clad Money back guarantee.   There is not risk at all.

As you an I both know real estate investing is the fastest way to financial freedom.  More millionaires are made because of real estate and right now real estate is selling at an all time low.

One of my favorite chapter in Real Estate Flipping Secrets is a Chapter on Flipping Mobile Homes.  Did you know that you can buy Cheap mobile homes, fix them up and then resell them for a 100% return on your money.   Or you can use them as rentals.

Because so many people have been foreclosed on in the past few years Mobile homes are becoming very popular.   They are affordable and people with bad credit can get into them.

I Give Real Estate Flipping Secrets an A++++++++   Get this course, you will Make Money and it will help you to get started in real estate investing.


How to Buy Forecloures With Private Money Review

Finding Private money to Fund your Deals Has Never Been Easier

If you have ever decided to pass on a real estate deal because you did not have them money then this course is for you.  Learn how you can buy Foreclosures, REO and any property with private money.

That means you will never have to put up your own money, you use other peoples money to fund your real estate deals.

My father purchased this course about a year ago and I went through all of it.  My Favorite part about this course is that you get a power point presentation that you can customize to show to potential private lender.   This course is made for anyone wanting to learn how to fund all of their real estate transactions.

What do you get with this course.

  • How to Buy Foreclosures with Private money Course
  • Audio Course
  • 10 ways to market more effectively for private money
  • How to Find Private Investors Audio
  • Creative Financing Audio
  • How to Become a Private money Magnet Audio
  • Private money Deal Analyzer
  • Investor Slideshow Presentation
  • Real Estate Investing Business Plan
  • Bullet Proof Business Plans
  • Financial Forecast Workbook
  • Private Investor Weatlh Builder Workbook
  • Bonus: 1 year Free course Updates
  • 700 Essential Real estaet Legal Forms
  • Beat the pants off the Taxman
  • 99 Ways to Legally Improve your Credit Score
  • How to Maximize your Productivity

WOW is right You get tons of Great Information in the Course.  The Price is only $97.

If you are looking for just a Great course to Help fund your real estate deals this is it.  Finding private money can be challenging but with this course you will have.

Visit the Official Site

Do this Get Money Review

Another Great Course from Eric Medemar

Frustrated with wasting your time, energy and money on hair brain ideas from these flash in the pan “Teachers”, Theorists and born on the internet, self proclaimed ‘Guru’s’… who’ve never actually supported themselves investing, never actually built a real estate business?

If the answers yes, then do yourself a favor and take all of your books and courses about wholesaling and toss them in the trash bin.

Enough of the old wholesaling strategies, so ineffective, so archaic, even the so-called “Guru’s” couldn’t make a penny… NOT even if their mothers were buying their contracts.

Times are changing folks.  It’s true,  “Job security” is now at an all time high. (If by “Job security” you really mean millions of Americans are hopelessly unemployed and retiring to the ocean front in Hawaii has now been replaced by retiring to the store front at Walmart)

Do this Get Money is another Great Wholesaling Course.  Wholesaling is one of the best real estate investing strategies for new investors.

GET This Course Now, Click Here

  • Money Mindset Module
  • Buyer Blitz Module
  • Seller Module
  • Marketing Module
  • Realtor Reality Check
  • Web Site Warfare
  • Tactical Exits
  • Financing Fnder
  • Ninja Negotiation

It really looks like you get a lot of material with this course.  I have not used this particular course but from purchasing his last course, if its anything like that, this should be an amazing course.

The Best thing is that there is a 60 day money back guarantee.  So you can try out the course and Get your money back No problem, it is a click bank product (just the company that handles payments) so getting your money back is very easy.    I have used them to get my money back on several crap products.

The course is $297, but it really does look like you get thousands of $$$ in material that could last you months.

I recommend that you try it out.

The Official Link

Are you sick of all the ruthless real estate marketers telling you how easy it is to make money in real estate investing?

Its seems every week there is a new product launch and this product finally reveals the missing secret for real estate investing success.  There is product after product saying they guarantee that you will make Boat Loads of money.

In their sales pages/pitches they do not tell you that real estate investing takes lots of work.  It takes time to educate your self.   They also do not tell you that 90% of people who buy these courses will never do anything with that course.

There is a reason why 90% of people do not succeed in real estate investing.  Its because with any worth endeavor in life there is going to be a learning curb/ testing period.

If you had a system that easily made you Millions over night would you give it away in a cheap e-book form for $47?   I do not think so.     Most of the Cheaper courses are more of just educational, some give you tons of useful content.  But Most are good to educate yourself about the topic.

Do not get me wrong you can make amazing money with real estate investing and create the life style that you want.  But its not going to happen over night.  I truly believe that real estate investing is the best and fastest way to financial freedom.

And most courses will work, they will give you education which is very important.  Someone once told me that to become an expert in any field you need to educate yourself for 5 years.  Reading a learning a few hours each day.

I do not know if that is true, I feel that you can probably speed that up to just a year or so by actually doing.  Action and experiences is a better teacher that any book.

Separating the Scams from the Cash

Scams: Unrealistic, Non Specific Sales Pages, No testimonials, sales pages that never tell you what their course is actually about

Good Courses:  Specific,  lots of testimonials, examples, tells you exactly what you are getting

FACT:  There are enough garbage products, that claim they hold the key to making you a millionaire over night to fill a large land fill.

Fiction: All of these Courses are Scams

The realty is there are a few great real estate investing courses out there.  The real question is how do we find them?

One thing you need to know is that a sales page is made up to get you excited, and create a sense of urgency for you to buy.  I know I have found my self thinking I found the answer to life in a sales page.

The thing you have to do is look for sales pages that are really specific in what they are giving you.  If might take a little bit to weed out the mumble jumble.

If you see that a course has information you want to know, then feel free any buy the course.  Most courses these days have 30 or 60 day money back guarantees.      All the courses I am recommend have money back guarantees.

From experience its totally possible to make $10,000, $30,000 or even $50,000 on a single real estate transaction.    And there are lots of great courses that do work.    Get out and try a few of them.

So Now its time to Learn the Basics and Find the Right Course for you.

Get out and Make Money Flipping Houses.

Probates By Preston Review

What is Probate Investing?

Many of you may or may not know what probate investing is.   Probate investing is simply finding Real Estate deals from Probate Leads.  Probate is what happens when someone dies, their Heirs open up a Probate File, which handles the assets of the estate and makes sure all creditors and what not get paid.

So When someone Passes away and they have a house, the Heirs sometimes just want to get rid of the house.

Probates by Preston Ely Teaches you how he made Half a Million Wholesaling Probates.  This course is not about wholesaling, its all about how he went about finding Probate Leads.

I bought this course around 7 months ago and loved it.  he gives you his Letters he sends to Heirs and attorneys, these Letters are price less.

The course Costs around $300 dollars and if your doing mailers but not doing probates then get this course.

Click Here to go to

Probates By Preston

Description: Probates by Preston is one of only a few course available that will show you how to effectively market to the overlooked by lucrative probate market.

My Review: I purchased probates by Preston in april 2010 because i wanted to get more of a probate niche in my real estate business. And I will tell you from experience probates are the best leads. My probate direct mail campaign gets at least a 25-50% response rate. Its crazy. I get like 2% response on foreclosure.

Get Probates by Preston. You will Not Regret it. If you are not doing probate investing you are losing the best real estate leads.

And It comes with Preston Ely’s Flipping with out FEAR CD which will change your life, its amazing too.

This is a Video with some of the Audio Strait from Probates By Preston.

This Video is from

Click Here to Access Probates by Preston and get a Free Report

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