Who is Preston Ely?

Preston Ely is a real Estate investor from Florida who specializes in Wholesaling Real Estate.

Preston has been in Real Estate investing since 2003 and has been teaching people his real estate investing strategies for how he made $500,000 his first official year in real estate.

Companies Preston is Involved In

Real Freedom Inc.

Located in Tampa Florida.

This is Preston’s Real Estate Investing Company. He has a partner Pete running the day to day house flipping operation.


FreedomSoft is an amazing buying and selling Software designed to automate your real estate investing business.

I am a current user of FreedomSoft and love it. I Will upload some videos soon of me demoing the soft ware, so check the blog for the videos.

What does Freedom Soft Do?

  • Run Comps
  • Evaluate Deals
  • Web Sites
  • Data Base
  • Training
  • Direct Mail Campaigns
  • Automatic Cash Buyers
  • Marketing

There are others that I probably Missed but that gives you a general idea of what FreedomSoft has to offer.

Flip Your Way To Financial Freedom

This is Preston Ely’s Amazing Wholesaling Course.

The Course will teach you strategies for finding motivated sellers and matching them with motivated buyers. And Making Profits right away. Wholesaling is truly the fastest way to get started and profit in real estate investing.

Tag Line: ” The absolute fastest and easiest way to put over $20,000 in your pocket in the next 30 days! Guaranteed”

Official Link : www.LearntoWholesale.com

How to Be an REO Rockstar

Wholesaling bank owned foreclosed properties where once impossible to do. Preston ELy has put together a course to teach you how to do just that. This is a 6 week course where you get all the information you need to be successful in Flipping Foreclosures.

Tag line: “How to profit from the current housing market crisis by Wholesaling Bank Owned (REO) Foreclosure houses without money, Credit or Experience”

Official Link: www.REORockstar.com

Probates by Preston

Preston Ely provides step by step action pan and actually gives you proven marketing letters and forms he uses or used to profit from the probate market.

I will say that Probates are the best leads you can have. I have used Preston’s Letters for my marketing campaigns and get a huge response rate from them. Probates are fairly simple once you get a hang of it. But with his Marketing Material he Helps you get started.

Its a little known face that Preston Made most of his money flipping probates when he got started.

With this course you also get Flipping without Fear, its a CD that is just amazing.

Official Link: www.ProbatesByPreston.com

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