General Information

Than Merrill is a real estate investor form New Haven, whos company is featured on A&E’s Flip This House.

Than does everything in real estate, wholesales, rehabs, and rents houses. He is a national speaker and has several coaching programs.

I have had the pleasure to see Than Speak and Meet Than several times. He is just a great guy and has amazing knowledge of real estate investing. He is also the real deal investor.


Fortune Builders

CT Homes LLC, Their Investing Business

Mastery Program

Fortune Builders Mastery Program brings together some of the best real estate coaches in the business together. They have the best program out there if you are looking for hands on personal coaches. They have coaches like Preston Ely working with them and several other big name guys. Their Program is $25,000 dollars but they will give you success.

I have not gone through their program but had them give me their sales pitch. I believe you get all three of their course too.

Official Link:

Marketing For Deals

Summary of What You Get:

  • Marketing For Deals manual with 178 pages of practical information.
  • Marketing for Deals – 7 Audio CDs with hours of additional money making information about finding great real estate deals.
  • The Marketing Machine – How to Build Your Marketing Team and Create Systems to Dominate your Marketplace manual
  • The Marketing Machine – 2 Audio CDs
  • Marketing Forms, Scripts, and Templates – This disk includes materials that have been tested and that are currently being used in my real estate business. All you have to do is put the CD in the computer, enter your real estate company information and the campaigns are ready for mailing.
  • Lifelong monthly tele-conference calls with real estate investing guru, Than Merrill.

Wholesaling For Quick Cash

The Wholesaling Course is one of the most in-depth courses on wholesaling. I have not personally used the course by have heard good things.

All of their courses are around $1200 but you do get loads of content.

  • “Wholesaling for Quick Cash” Reference Manual – Over 190 pages of Content
  • 9 Audio CD’s
  • Million Dollar Office Course
  • Building your Wholesale Team Audio CD
  • Building your In-House Team Audio CD
  • Forms & Contracts Disk

Rehabbing For Huge Profits

Oh how I love their Rehabbing Course. If you have ever Seen the Show “Flip This House” than you know that they are big time Rehabber’s

I bought their course and absolutely love it. No matter what type of real estate investing you are in, you are going to have to have some sort of rehabbing knowledge. If your wholesaling you need to know what repairs are going to be needed so you can present a good deal to your investor buyers. And if you are going to a land lord, you will have tenants that destroy your property, so you better know how to do rehabs or know how to hire someone.

This course will help you with managing contracts and knowing what costs to expect.

For Fortune Builder Courses Go to their Site

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